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nh tree removal

Many NH residents have lots of trees on their property. While there any several benefits to this, such as privacy and shade, trees can also create some issues. They can drop debris on your roof, prevent your house and property from drying out quickly after it rains, and even fall and cause damage. Pruning can be the solution to some of those problems, but sometimes a tree just has to be removed. If you have any such trees on your property, Exclusive Tree are the people to call for NH tree removal.

But when is the best time of year for NH tree removal?


The Pros and Cons of Waiting

A quick internet search for the best time to remove a tree will yield varied results, but the time cited most often is late winter or early spring. And there are many good reasons to remove trees at that time. Business is often slow, and therefore services are less expensive. Trees are also dormant at that time, making them easier to remove. Finally, the ground is still frozen, so there will be less damage and trauma to the surrounding ground. In NH, however, the time between the snow melting and the ground thawing can be short, so scheduling a tree removal in that window is not always possible.

Another reason it may be inadvisable to wait to remove a tree is that a dead tree poses an imminent threat to your property. We can have severe thunderstorms with high winds during NH summers. You don’t want to risk a tree falling on your house or car. Although it may be preferable to wait until the cost of services is lower, time is not a luxury you can afford if you have a dead or diseased tree.


Professional Tree Removal by Exclusive Tree

To keep your property safe and maintain the health of your other trees, you need professional NH tree removal from Exclusive Tree. removing dead or unhealthy trees will allow your other trees to thrive and improve your property. Don’t let your trees be a source of worry. Let our experts remove them for you.


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