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‘Tis the season of gathering around the fireplace to stay warm and cozy this winter. In order to enjoy sitting by the fireside to the fullest, there are a few steps to prepare beforehand. Leave it to your local NH chimney company to provide the information you need regarding your firewood storage.


Utilize Old Wood First

Avoid using “green wood” or freshly chopped wood. This wood has a higher moisture content and will create more creosote while burning. Use seasoned wood first. Remember the “first in, first out” rule and put the recently seasoned wood on the bottom and the older wood on top. Rotating the wood also aids in deterring pests and infestations that could occur if the wood sat for prolonged periods. 


Don’t Store Firewood Inside the Home

There are a few reasons not to store firewood within your home. One reason is airflow. The inside of your home doesn’t have enough airflow to allow the wood to dry completely. Your home also tends to have more moisture in the air than outdoors. 

Another reason to keep firewood outside of your home is to avoid bringing in bugs such as termites. These bugs can cause serious damage to your home, along with carpenter ants. It’s also important to store wood far enough from your home to prevent other larger pests from infesting your home.


Protect Your Firewood

It’s vital to protect your firewood from snow and rain since you need the wood to be completely dry before burning. You’ll need to keep the firewood on an elevated rack to avoid any moisture from the ground and promote enough airflow. Investing in a firewood cover is a must in this case. For green wood, leave the back and front of the stacked wood open to allow the wood to dry fully. For already seasoned wood, you can use a full cover to protect the wood since it’s already dry. 


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