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Fall has arrived in NH, and winter will be here soon enough. If you’re concerned about how your roof will hold up against the ice and snow of the coming winter, it’s time to call a NH roofing company to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead. At Exclusive Service Group, we’re prepared to help you take care of your whole home, including your roof. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so you want to know that it is ready for anything.


Here’s what you should do this fall to get your roof and your home ready for winter.


Clean the Gutters

It’s no one’s favorite chore, but it is essential to keeping your roof in good shape. If your gutters are clogged, the water can’t flow away from your roof. Instead, it sits in your gutters and freezes when the weather gets cold. Ice in your gutters can lead to ice dams at the bottom of your roof, leading to leaks, broken shingles, and more severe damage to your roof. It’s easy to prevent or reduce these problems by cleaning out your gutters regularly.


Insulate the Attic

Speaking of ice dams, another way to prevent them is to properly insulate your attic. An insulated attic helps keep your roof cold, preventing the lower layers of snow from melting. If heat escapes out of your attic, the roof gets warm, and the layer of snow that is in contact with the roof melts. It then flows down to the eaves, where it freezes again and forms an ice dam. But with an adequately insulated attic, the heat stays in your house where it belongs.


Inspect the Roof

Of course, we can’t neglect the roof itself. Do your best to look for loose, missing, or broken shingles from the ground. To get a closer look, you can get on a ladder if it’s safe to do so on your property. We do not recommend actually getting on top of the roof. Leave that to a NH roofing company. A professional roofer can safely climb on and inspect the roof and find everything you should repair for the winter weather moves in.


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Get your entire property ready for winter with Exclusive Service Group! Whether you need a NH roofing company, tree removal, chimney cleaning, or something else, we do it all.


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