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nh chimney repair

Whether you use your fireplace, have a wood or pellet stove, or just use it to vent your furnace, your chimney is an important part of your house. If it needs repairs, you run the risk of smoke or fire damage down the road. But the good news is that Exclusive Service Group is here for all your NH chimney repair needs.

Here are five signs that mean your home needs NH chimney repair.


Deteriorating or Cracking Mortar

The mortar is what holds the bricks of your chimney together. If they are cracking or otherwise deteriorated, you should have them repaired as soon as possible. You don’t want bricks falling off your chimney.



If water is getting in your chimney, this can spell trouble for multiple reasons. It is letting moisture into your home that shouldn’t be there, first of all. Plus, the fact that water is getting in means that there is some damage that is the cause of the leaks.


Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your chimney from the elements. That also means that it is going to take the harshest beating. Cracks to your chimney crown appear most often in the winter and spring. Changing temperatures cause the materials to expand and contract, which causes cracks. If you do not repair a cracked chimney crown, that leaves the rest of the masonry vulnerable to further damage.


Efflorescence and Spalling

Both efflorescence and spalling are signs of water damage. Efflorescence is white discoloration on the bricks. Spalling is when layers of the bricks flake off. They both occur when moisture penetrates the bricks. In the case of efflorescence, the water pulls minerals to the surface and leaves a white residue when it evaporates. Spalling happens when water causes the brick to expand and flake apart.



If you see bits of chimney tile inside your fireplace, that is shaling. Those bits of tile are from your chimney liner. Your chimney liner is much more than an added safety measure. It is what protects the inside of your chimney from extreme heat.


NH Chimney Repair from Exclusive Service Group

Have you noticed any of these issues on your chimney? If so, you need Exclusive Service Group for your NH chimney repair! Our experts can handle everything from simple repairs to complete rebuilds.


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